Tandem for pilot

Harness for tandem pilots.


Tandem harness was created to obtain maximum comfort for the tandem pilot. A hybrid seat was applied in order to achieve it: seating shell with separated loops for legs, providing simple lauches, a small foot board, providing rest in the air, a big luggage compartment, airbag, a rear compartment for the rescue parachute, with easily accessible handle. All the abovementioned options make the system safe and comfortable.


  •  the angle of the back position,

  •  regulation of the leg straps,

  •  distance between the leg loops,

  •  the seat board.

The harness is available in 2 sizes:

  • M (height between 165 – 180 sm),

  • L (height between 180-200 sm).

The weight is 2,6 kg.

Additional options:

  • carabiners,

  • speed system,

  • a frontal container for the rescue parachute.

Materials: lightweight Oxford, Cordura