Republic Tyva. Russia

Last year we organized an amazing project called, ‘Adventure in Siberia’. 


The trip went really well so we have decided to continue the project. This year we have planned an amazing route connecting two unique flying destinations in Russia: Kyrai (in the Altay republic) and Turan (in the Tyva republic). 

In this multiyear project, each stage consists of a standard competition (FAI-2) and a camp style marathon. Last year we were able to fly 7 out of 8 days, and many pilots were able to climb to 4000 metres high. 


The marathon (light bivouac) starts at the same point as the competition and will then continue on along a planned route with camp style stopovers. 


The total distance travelled including the turn points will be approximately 800 km.


This year immediately after competition in Turan we are planning a camp style marathon along the right bank of the Yenisei river. The start will be in Turan from where we will then head towards the beginning of the Sayan-Shushenskiy reservoir. 


The dates of the trip are the 19th - 25th of June 2016.


The flying routes are planned marathon style. We will have multiple check points and meet-up points. In addition we will be accompanied by 4x4 vehicles with supplies and minor utilities. The trip can accommodate about 15 people. 


Afraid of camping out? Remember we can modify the accommodation to be light and simple or heavier with more comfort. 


The current plan is as follows: 


Prior to the start we will coordinate a check-in and finish points for the day (with a distance of 50-70 km). Then the full route will be discussed, planned and set. After all the pilots have taken off, a vehicle will follow along the route keeping in communication with the slowest/lagging pilots.


The car is equipped with a powerful 50 wt radio. Hence, if you end up landing short (for example, 10 km into the route), the car will pick you up, and take you to the finish check point. As we progress to the finish point, we will collect other pilots who have landed. At the finish point, we will organize a camp for the night, whilst waiting for the rest of the pilots to land. 


At the camp we will have an electric generator and a gas stove. In addition, we can also provide individual tents, sleeping bags, kitchen supplies and organize full meals. You can also bring personal stuff and put it in the car for transportation. 


We can also work with you if you are extra adventurous and wish to fly past the finish check point. Those pilots can setup their own mini camp ahead and move along without the group. 


If you get tired, you can skip a particular leg of the trip and travel along the route in the car. 


The June trip is expected to be about 200-250 km.


If you are interested