UP is synonymous with free flight, having been at the forefront of development since 1972. With more than 40 of years experience in the free-flying world, UP’s heritage is unbeatable.

UP was originally an acronym for Ultralight Products. Today, the brand name is simply UP International. Their mission is to produce the highest performing, yet easy to fly, paragliders in every category. Our team, headed by Swedish paragliding pioneer Christian Rönning, continues to strive for that perfect mix of performance and handling. Our goal: to put a big grin on the face of every paraglider pilot who flies a UP glider.

NearBirds was created more than 10 years ago. Their main office is in Kiev. 



Equipment by NearBirds is suitable for all levels of pilot from beginners to professionals. They also make harnesses for vol bivouac. NearBirds produces equipment which is easy to use, simple to fly and at the same time fulfils the most demanding requirements for comfort and safety.

Kortel Design is based in Sallanches, at the foot of Mont Blanc, a short distance from Chamonix. 

Kortel Design was created in 1998 by Denis Cortella, three times French champion paraglider pilot. Thanks to the arrival in 2006 of Max Jeanpierre, second overall in the Paragliding World Championships in 

2005, the range of products has been expanded to match most paraglider pilot’s requirements.