Harnesses Nearbirds

Cocoon/ Cross Country

Genesis is a new top range cocoon harness designed for competition and cross-country paragliding pilots, who require minimal aerodynamic drag, comfort and safety. The harness is a result of a 2-year long research, testing and experimentation.

Zippy 2 is a new lightweight harness, a development of light paragliding harnesses conception started with Zippy. It was constructed for sportsmen and cross-country pilots, who prefer to fly easy and comfortable cocoon. 


New Genesis technologies were applied to acquire a harness, which provides a long comfortable flight without getting tired, with really easy and ergonomic handling of the glider, the pilot feels integrated into a solid and predictable system even in rough turbulence.


Bivvy 3 is a modern lightweight harness perfectly fitting for xc flights.

Bivvy 3 developes the concept of the beloved by the pilots reversible systems, which transform into a backpack by turning inside-out, easily placing all your paragliding equipment.

The family of Bingo harnesses unites equipment with a range of characteristics, aiming to match the idea of hike&fly: lightness and comfort with the airbag type of protection. Meanwhile, every harness of this production line fulfills some particular purposes and is characterized by unique technical solutions.


Harness for tandem pilots.


Tandem harness was created to obtain maximum comfort for the tandem pilot. A hybrid seat was applied in order to achieve it: seating shell with separated loops for legs, providing simple lauches, a small foot board, providing rest in the air, a big luggage compartment, airbag, a rear compartment for the rescue parachute, with easily accessible handle. All the above mentioned options make the system safe and comfortable.

Harness for passengers.

The main goal in the construction of the harness was to make a long comfortable activity in the air possible for the passenger, along with a minimum weight and volume of the article.