Bivvy 3 is a modern lightweight harness perfectly fitting for xc flights.

Bivvy 3 developes the concept of the beloved by the pilots reversible systems, which transform into a backpack by turning inside-out, easily placing all your paragliding equipment.

The harness both in the flight mode and as a backpack meets all the requirements to a harness for cross-country flights, and to a modern backpack for trekking. 

Bivvy 3 is provided with V-shaped leg straps, well proved in the Zippy harness. This is a safety system for absent-minded pilots, and a mean to regulate the stability of the harness for flying in different weather conditions, as well as a guarantee of maximum comfort and accuracy in turning maneuvers. At the same time we succeeded to maintain an incredible simplicity of regulations in the harness.


Tight fitting into the seat of the harness, and a perfect back support are conditions for equally comfortable long distance cross-country flights and soaring in dynamic breeze wind without feeling exhausted.


The protector is Bivvy3 Airbag (self-inflating by the head wind). Airbag is divided into 2 compartments: lower and back-level compartments, separated by a membrane, which increases the safety. When being hit, the system absorbs the energy by slow release of air.

Bivvy 3 provides additional space for a foam protector (optional).

Built-in container for the rescue parashute is situated under the hips of the pilot. Deployment of the parachute is enforced by a swing open bottom. Extremely light and convenient handle of the parachute is situated on the right side.

The harness has 2 side pockets locked with zip-fasteners.

An unfolding module of the rucksack is included into complectation of the harness, it transforms into a functional city bag. In the flight mode it serves as a compartment for hydratation system and storage for personal belongings. The airbag is fastened inside by “fastex” buckles, located in the same place as the backpack straps.

The rucksack features:

  • an anatomically shaped back surface,

  • an original construction of the hip belt, with improved stabilization of the load,

  • central zip-fastener,

  • space to fasten trekking poles and ice-axe,

  • ergonomic bolster as a lower back support,

  • a mini-backpack as an detachable module,

  • big volume of the backpack.

Adjustments of the harness:

  • аdjustments of the angle of the back position,

  • аdjustments of the lower back support,

  • rаdjustments of the length of the shoulder straps,

  • the horizontal position of the sitting is regulated from behind,

  • аdjustments of stability in the air,

  • a special bar under the knees extending the seat.

Regulations of the backpack:

  • length of the shoulder straps,

  • length of the hip belt,

  • balance to avoid overturning,

  • balance to avoid swaying,

  • regulation of the volume.

Bivvy 3 delivery includes:

  • the harness,

  • the handle of the rescue parachute,

  • a small backpack module,

  • speed system,

  • footboard.

Weight: 3,9 кг M size 


Oxford, Cordura 


XS –  160 sм 

S -  155 - 170 sm 

M -  170 - 185 sm

L - 185 - 195 sm

XL – more 195 sm

The harness is available in 4 colours: red, green, blue and orang