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Fly and travel with Daria Krasnova.


Paragliding tours to the best places for XC flying around the world. 


Requirements for pilots: be able to take off and land confidently and safely.


Paragliding equipment from global brands: UP Paragliders, Kortel Design, Near Birds. 

For all levels of pilots from beginners to professionals.

           About Daria

On the 7th of February 2000, I did my first ever solo fight, which totally changed my life. From then on I was addicted to paragliding.

Now I fly top level competitions including the PWC and FAI cat1 comps. I have won the Russian Championships many times and have won Pre World Cups in Colombia, Turkey, Spain, Indonesia, India, Venezuela, Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria and etc.

    I have also won the Paragliding World Cup twice: Munong, South Korea (2011) and Erzincan, Turkey (2013).