Genesis is a new top range cocoon harness designed for competition and cross-country paragliding pilots, who require minimal aerodynamic drag, comfort and safety. The harness is a result of a 2-year long research, testing and experimentation.

Many prototypes had been created in order to develop a perfect strap system and seating area. As a result, a pilot feels comfortable for the entire duration of the flight, and does not get tired for hours.

World Cup pilots were involved in the development of this most ergonomic and suitable competition harness. Optimized handling, innovative sitting, aerodynamic shape, refined profile makes this harness suitable both for competition and cross-country pilots.

Specifications and innovations:

  • New concept of the sitting area

  • Balanced handling

  • Comfortable, ergonomic, individually adjustable seat

  • Multiple adjustment positions, allow pilot to optimize the seating position

  • Refined leg support,

  • Easy speedbar handling

  • Dual body positioning - horizontal and ¾ lying body position

  • Perfect cockpit angle – minimizes reflection

  • Aerodynamically shaped rear speedbag



·         Frontal container for the reserve parachute, deployment is possible with either left or right hands and from any side

·         Integrated container for the reserve parachute, right-handed position,

·         18 mm multi sectional protector 



·         Big frontal container with a wide instrument panel

·         3 ballast compartments with overall capacity of 15L

·         Capability to add a hydration system

·         2 side pockets

·         Compartment for small belongings in the frontal container

·         Valve to pour out the ballast

·         Frontal container is equipped with a removable instrument panel and a ballast tank with 5 l capacity,

·         2-step speedbar

·         Vast rear storage for personal belongings

·         Cocoon made of stretching windstopper materials

·         Large size bearing pulleys

·         Self-locking bearing pulleys (optional).



·         Nylon 210D Ripstop,

·         Polyamid  420D Diamond Ripstop,

·         Lycra soft shell, 

·         Special Ripstop Dyneema - SkyTex.


The Genesis harness is produced in 3 variations: with a frontal container for the reserve parachute, with a frontal and an integrated side container for the reserve parachute, and with an integrated side container for the rescue parachute.


A middle size harness with a frontal container is aproximately 4,5 kg.

M-size harness with 2 rescue system compartments – 5,5 kg.

M-size harness with a side container – appr. 5 kg.

The harness goes with:

.         rescue parachute handle with the inner container
.         paragliding backpack
.         Front container (in the version with 2 spare wheel)
.         accelerator
.         carbines
.         system of fast fixing halyard reserve parachute


XS      145-155

S       155-165

M       165-175

L       175-185

XL      185-2

Colors: blue, red, black, gray, green


Сertificate Number GZ-0532/16