Come and have a great time flying in Colombia with us! 

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The group will be met at Cali Airport (CLO) and go straight to our first flying site at Piedechinche. We’ll stay here for 3 or 4 days in a lavish hotel, boasting a large swimming pool, great restaurant, big soccer field and a beautiful park. 

Overlooking a breathtaking gorge, you will experience winds of 2-5 м/s at takeoff. The wind is sometimes gusty but cyclical; so everyone will have a chance to get a proper “cycle.” Once flying, you will immediately notice the reduction in wind, especially when you enter the valley. You will be able to make the most of great thermals, mountain and flatland flying along with a nice landing field. Soar amongst the local aerial features. This is a great place to practice so that you can set your own personal distance and time in the air records.

Next stop, Roldanillo. Here you can immerse yourself in the local culture by taking Salsa lessons, go to a night club, visit a local museum or just walk around this charming little town where the locals are very warm and friendly.

 At the height of the season there are lots of pilots here from all over the world. You can practice your foreign language skills, learn flying techniques from other pilots and have great fun sharing flying stories together.

This time we are going to stay here for few days for several reasons. Firstly, it’s much easier to learn to fly XC routes here than in other locations. Secondly, it has great launches, many “house” thermals in the mountains and very predictable thermic behavior in the valley. Thirdly, the roads are good for the retrieve vehicles, and finally, there are always lots of other pilots flying here to act as thermal markers for us. 

Depending on the size of the group, we will either stay in a nice farm house (larger groups) just outside Roldanillo, or in a hotel within the city (smaller groups), which is very convenient as the launch site and bus station are within walking distance.

The third place where we go to fly is called Ansermanuevo. The conditions at Ansermanuevo are very similar to Roldanillo and it is even possible to fly from Ansermanuevo to Roldanillo which is 45km (and sometimes back, making a total of 90km). 


One of the great things about this flying site is that multiple flights per day are possible, fantastic when you bomb out during your first flight. It is also possible to top land, and walk back to the farm.

Many pilots prefer this spot because of the farm. It is located on the mountain near the launch, and has a picturesque view of the valley below.

The farm is a family residence similar to a villa. The spacious rooms at the Villa have several options; rooms for couples, several living areas with 2-4 beds, as well as single occupancy. If you are interested in single occupancy, please notify in advance. In the evenings, one can swim or sip some rum, while admiring the city lights. There we will enjoy barbecuing, playing pool, and meditating. 

Rest day. At some point during the trip we will take a day off from flying, which we will spend in a national park and enjoy the hot springs with wonderful views of waterfalls.

La Pintada has a small launch with calm conditions, it offers mountain flying, but with limited landings which is quite different from the previous sites. It’s much harder to plan a route here but in terms of beauty and flight possibilities, it is second to none. Don’t be afraid of the site’s reputation as it is relatively easy to fly a 30 - 60 km triangle here. The weather here is unpredictable and subject to change more often than at other sites, but it does offer multiple bail out options. If you don’t manage to go XC, it’s possible to land safely and try again or go back to the farm and use the pool and sunbathe.

Sopetran is near Madellin, Colombia’s second largest city and hosts lots of local competitions. The spot is being developed and is growing in popularity due to its beauty and technically challenging flying. It is recommended for experienced pilots only due to the strong thermals, which can be strong and “punchy”, and will require active piloting.

Also, Sopetran has limited landing areas, those that there are, tend to be small. Please note: due to the challenges of this site, only advanced pilots will be invited to fly here.

The standard tour costs 1500 € (1750 $) for 14 days, including the day of arrival.

The tour is from 12 January to 25 of January 2018.


The tour Includes:


1. Selection of profitable ticket and assistance in buying a ticket .
2. Pick up and Drop Off at Cali Airport. [For folks arriving on other dates, we can help you arrange pick up, drop off, and lodging for additional fee].
3. All organizational arrangements for the trip.
4. SIM Cards for your Mobile Phone.
5. Lodging and Breakfast.
6. One BBQ dinner [at Finca in Ansermanuevo].
7. Transportation Transportation to all flying sites. Rides for starts and retrieve.
8. Payment for take offs.
9. Driver's services.
10. Toll roads.
11. Petrol.
12. Accompanying the guide-paraglider.
13. Briefing and support on the route.
14. Thermal springs (day off).
15. Free organization extra. days if necessary.


Additional Costs: 


1. Medical insurance includes paragliding. We strongly recommend that you get insurance for your trip. We can help you to arrange medical insurance, however please note, it does not include transportation. 

2. Airfare.  

3. Lunches, dinners, drinks.

4. Additional entertainment and excursions.

5. It is also possible to arrange a tandem flight for 90 €.


Requirements for pilots:


enough confidence and ability to take off and land without the help of an instructor. 

Here is an appetizer for you from pilots who have previously flown with us.

Reserve your spot by  NOW!!! [$100 deposit]