Are you ready to improve your flying skills?

This turn we decided to cooperate our skills with TOP pilot in the world Yassen Savov.

Two of us have been flying in Brazil several times. And, yes! We confirm the rumours. Brazil is amazing country for flying.  That’s why we’ve been going back for quite a few years now. 

We would like to share our experience with progressive pilots who wants to learn how fly better and faster!

Did you think to join competition but didn't know how to start?

Are you already in the game but are you tired to be a looser?

You are just free flyer but want to fly your distance goal faster than you do?

Yeah! you are on the right page, man!

No one coach can teach you what competitions experience gives you in the sky!

We will help you to start your path with pleasure and good vibes.

We are both taking intermediate gliders, so you will have opportunity to catch us ;) 

The name of our trip is a traveling XC competition style seminar.  The idea is to fly with the same objectives on the same comp-like tasks we’ll be setting daily, trying to stick together and learn how to fly more efficiently, therefore faster.  On the radio, on takeoff, and in workshop sessions on the ground, we’ll be discussing all questions XC and racing.  The goal is to get better in it and enjoy the process like the good game that it is.

The date of our trip is from 5th to 15rh. 


We can manage maximum 8 pilots.

Minimum 6 pilots.

The price for 10 days 600 Euro per person.

Included is:

- Transport in the flying area between the towns of Baixo Guandu, Castelo, and Valadares

- Daily transport to takeoff

- Morning weather forecast

- Flying site briefing 

- Daily task briefing

- In-flight radio guidance by two instructors

- Daily task debriefing and analysis

- Landing retrieval 

- Help in arrangment of accomandation


The plan:

We’re starting on April 5 from the place Yassen considers the most beautiful for paragliding in the world - Rio de Janeiro.  If the weather is flyable, we will meet in the morning to fly in Rio and, fingers crossed, do the epic flight to Cristo Redentor. If it’s not flyable we can make city tour instead.  

The same evening we’ll be leaving by night public bus. In Brazil buses are very comfortable, it allows you to lye down and sleep all night to our destination - the area of Castelo / Valadares / Baixo Guandu.  Once there, we organize the van and starting to chase the weather around those three locations, aiming for the most flying and variety.  This means that instead of going with a fixed day-to-day plan, we’ll be flexible and choosing every day’s location according to the weather forecast and how we feel.  What we want is to fly a lot, stay happy and safe.

  We’ll provide you with a list of turn points for the area to upload to your instruments, so we can all fly the same tasks and try to stay together in the air, hopefully all pilots will make goal.  We’ll be having a briefing before every flight, then in the air we’ll be control the situation live, and finally we’ll have a debriefing, discussing the results.

 We’ll be taking the night bus back to Rio on the evening of April 14.  And, just like in the beginning of the trip - if it’s looking flyable, we’ll fly, hopefully to Cristo.  And if it’s not, we’ll use the day for checking our that gorgeous and wild city from the ground.


Yassen Savov is the most decorated European paragliding competitor east of the Alps, and one of the fastest pilots in the world.  He speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French.     

- European Champion, 2012

- 5 World Cup podiums, including 2nd place in the last World Cup of 2018 (Turkey)

- Current Bulgarian champion and holder of the Bulgarian straight distance (355km) and FAI triangle (234km) records.

More about Yassen


Daria Krasnova has been flying since she was 11 from February 2000.  Winner of two World Cups, few PWC podiums and many other international competitions. Her XC competition experience  is more then 10 years .  She has guided pilots in Colombia, Turkey, Ecuador, and Indonesia.  She also speaks English, Spanish and a bit of Portuguese.

More about Daria

Requirements for pilots:


confidence and ability to take off and land without the help of an instructor. 

Reserve your spot by  NOW!!! [€100 deposit]