Russia. Altay.

Have you ever been in Russia? Do you know something about wild Siberia?

Yeah! We would help you to exlplore our beatiffull region from the earth and from the air. 


Altay is amazing for flying with unique landscapes where live not only bears.  other myth about  Siberia is there always cold and snow. Don't be worry too much we will warm you with Russian Vodka. Just a joke about another myth of vodka. With warm hospitality.

The best season in Altay is from June to September.

We are sure that you will have the best adventure in Siberia!


The group will be met at airport in Barnaul (BAX) and go straight to our first flying site at Solonovka, Bobrovaya Zaimka. We are planing to stay there couple of days. This id the best place for first flights in Russia with big valley and many spots for landing. The take is good for all kinds of wind except south. Altitude of take off is 400m. The longest distance what have been flown over there is 125km. Here we will stay in nice small houses. After flight we will go to the Russian traditional sauna (banya) where we release our tiredness and charge our batteries for next flights). Also here we have some restaurant with tradition Russian village food.

After we are going to "Manzherok" or Negodyaika depend from the forecast. Both places not are fr from each other. Manzherok Lake is located in a picturesque place in a pine forest on the banks of the Katun River near the Manzherok threshold, which tourists called the “dollar” for the double bend. The waters of the beatifull Katun River, amazing mountains looking up into the sky, coniferous forests and clean mountain air will not only give you a pleasant and unforgettable flight, but also improve your health.

Altitude of the take off is 650 m. To reach the take off we should use cablecar. Here we will rent rooms in the hotel with restaurant. Pastoral landscapes remind the landscapes of Provence. But these quiet curves of the hills don't "work". In the summer there is a “brisk” weather that will lift you up a few thousand meters and take you beyond the horizon. We will go to the take off by car to 350 m. Here also we well stay at the hotel. 

Next stop is Ust Koksa. Here is a stunning wild and diverse nature that attracts true connoisseurs of nature from the most distant places. It is a wide valley surrounded on all sides by high mountains. Incredible place with incredible energy, amazing views and wonderful flights. The altitude of the take off is 1000 m which we will approach by car. For accommodation there is hotel with sauna.

Also we would like to show the beautifull place Onguday.

Here were some hand glider national competitions.

Very good place for great cross country flights.  The landscape is amazing you can enjoy these mountains from a bird's eye view. If the weather in this day is not flyable then you can touch the ancient history and culture of the peoples of Siberia in an exciting excursion around the Karakol valley.

Altitude of the take of is 1100 m.

place record - 40 km

The next stop is Chibit. 

This place we can describe only with one world – INCREDIBLE!

This world can be applied to the flights as in this mountain range as well and to the beauty that opens here and to the aching feeling of delight that fills your every cell when you flying over these landscapes.

The take of altitude is 800 m.

The most famouse place for paragliding in Altay is Kuray.

North-Chuysky range with snowfields and glaciers, at the head of the majestic Aktru. To the glaciers above 4 thousand meters away. This is the mecca of paragliding.
Start is perfect. From the beauty and height is breathtaking. Flying at 5000 meters above sea level is common here, as is the 100 km route. Having flown here once you will never be able to forget the mighty Kurai. You will be attracted here, in the heart of Altai.

elevation difference at start 800 m

place record - 40 km

car ride to start

accommodation for the tour. base, cafe, bath

Северо-Чуйский хребет со снежниками и ледниками, во главе величественная Актру. До ледников выше 4-х тысяч метров рукой подать. Это Мекка парапланеризма.
Старт идеален. От красот и высоты захватывает дух. Полеты на 5000 метров над уровнем моря тут обычное дело, как и 100 км маршрут. Полетав тут один раз вы уже никогда не сможете забыть могучий Курай. Вас будет манить сюда, в самое сердце Алтая.

перепад высот на старте 800 м

рекорд места - 40 км

автомобильный заезд на старт

проживание на тур. базе, кафе, баня

(11) день – Кош-Агач, Кош-Агачский район, респ. Алтай



Это один из самых отдаленных уголков Алтая, еще немного и Монголия. Это суровый край чем-то напоминающий Перу или Мексику. Край полный загадок, верблюдов, облаков и сумасшедших полётов.

перепад высот на старте 700 м

рекорд места - 100 км

автомобильный заезд на старт

проживание на тур. базе, кафе, баня

(12) день – обратная дорога - Возвращение в Барнаул